Wednesday, June 21, 2017

All Star Batman # 11

Story: Scott Snyder
Art: Rafael Albuquerque
Colors: Jordie Bellaire

The world revels in Batman legacy, forgetting that his caretaker is just as bad ass. Will Alfred’s boyhood plunders cause his new life to fall apart?



As Bruce Wayne takes a crack at tracking down a new enemy, Alfred reminiscences about his past, and the parallels between him and Bruce. Both were young angry men who went off into the world trying to be a part of something bigger than themselves. But has Alfred’s past finally caught up to him? Following the trail of his new mysterious foe, Bruce finds himself in deep water, and it take a Penguin to get him out. So I don’t know if seeing Bruce fight crocs was awesome, or really silly, either way made for some cool panels.

A Legend

With old foes hating Hush, they give Batman advice on where to find his next target. But is it all a trap? Bruce goes to the bottom of the ocean to find a ship. There he’s faced with the new villain who has already killed most people on board. Not only that but it looks like his next target is the Bat himself.

Short Recap

Why is this such a short recap? Because I had trouble gripping on to the plot of this story. It didn’t feel linear and the details fell short for me. I do love that it is being told through Alfred’s narrative, and that we also get to see into Alfred’s past, but it misplaces the here and now. Visually, it’s a really attractive book, and there are a lot of really great and cool moments. But I feel as though I’m only getting the surface of the actual story.

Sum it Up

An attractive book with a new and interesting take on the narrative…I mean who doesn’t love Alfred. At the same time, I don’t feel like your getting the whole story that Snyder wants to tell, it’s almost too messy. Splitting the issues up may help the reader adjust to which story is the main plot. I know it’s all coming together, so hopefully the pay off is worth it.


Ariel DuPey | NCR

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