Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Aquaman # 25

Story: Dan Abnett
Art: Stjepn Sejic

Atlantis is settled in a crown of thorns thanks to their new tyrannical leader, Corum Rath. It’s been weeks since Arthur has been killed and tossed aside, but it seems a new vigilante emerges from the shadows.


King Arthur

Corum Rath has over taken the throne, and in his lust for power, is seeking out all magical objects from across Atlantis. Despite being warned of their possible dangers. He sends out soldiers wielding powerful weapons to rid Atlantis of the scum and traitors. We travel to the under belly of Atlantis where the lowest class fights for survival. Only there do we get a glimpse of the unsung hero. These first couple of pages really sets up this almost mid-evil feel. It is very reminiscent of the story of King Arthur and Excalibur.


A small group has formed, and despite the threat of death, they are trying to take back their kingdom. Unfortunately for them, they are also drawing the eyes of Corum Rath to them. Rumors of the Aquaman are quickly spreading, and it is now believed that it’s possible that Arthur is not truly dead, but has made a home in the Ninth Tride.

Rebels rebel

In a moment of great need, Aquaman comes out from the shadows and shows his true self. Apparently, he needs the help of a pretty blonde to take back the throne. Even as Corum Rath brings down his wrath, news of Arthurs survival gets to Mera. But she may be getting an unpleasant surprise when she finally finds her man. Okay so the art is spectacular, it feeds well to the mid-evil vibe. But the set up doesn’t feel natural. It’s only been a couple weeks since Arthur was ‘killed’ and yet every one is acting like it’s a crazy ghost come back to life. I feel like this story would have been more impactful if more time had passed. Also, this girl seems very random, it could have been just a cool partner in fighting for Arthur, but they set it up to make her look like a threat to Mera.

Sum it Up

New art, new plot, and a new Aquaman. Set in a tyrannical police state, Dan is taking Aquaman in a whole new direction. The big question is will it work? Even though the art was gorgeous and set the tone really well, something didn’t feel quite right. The plot was too rushed to feel like a natural progression of events. They should have stated that more time had passed to make the reader truly feel that this is a new world we are diving into. The setting is amazing, and we get to explore unseen parts of Atlantis. It’s definitely good enough to keep reading and I’m excited to see where it goes, and maybe after an issue or two more the story will find its niche.


Ariel DuPey | NCR


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  2. I love the art!!!! I haven't been as much a fan of this Aquaman run as others, but I really hope this is where it grabs. Awesome review Ariel!

    1. supposed to say "grabs me", but I write like a dummy