Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Bane Conquest #2

Story: Chuck Dixon
Art: Graham Nolan

Bane Conquest continues in the second issue of this mini-series as Bane has just been captured by Damocles. We got little hints of Batman in the last issue, so my hope going into this one was that we would see more of Batman and this story might become a little more interesting. Did Dixon disappoint? Or did he bring Batman in to beat the bajesus out of Bane? Read on to find out! 

***Non-Spoilers and Recap at the bottom***

Caged Tiger! 

At the end of the last issue, we find out that Bane had been captured by Damocles. In this issue, we find that he’s been thrown into a seemingly inpenetrable prison. And who else is in this prison with him? Non other than Bruce Wayne (who Bane knows is Batman). The two of them manage to escape (after Bane is taken away, tortured for no reason, and brought back to the jail cell). The two of them make it out of the jail cell and into the control center of this prison. At the end of the issue, Bruce and Bane both acknowledge that they will still be enemies after they escape this mess.

So did it get better? 

Yes. This issue was kind of a disappointment for me last time. It just wasn’t that interesting learning about who Bane was as a kid. I thought, ‘if that’s all they have in store for me, this story is going to get real old, real fast’. But bringing Batman in and forcing him to work with Bane in order to escape this prison made things WAY more interesting. It’s something that we haven’t seen much of in Rebirth yet (other than the I Am Bane story arc by Tom King). So it’s always fun to see these two in the same place.

Sum it up! 

Although this story arc got off to a rough start, things picked up in the second act. Bringing Bruce Wayne into the picture and forcing him to work with Bane is definitely a novelty that has not yet worn off on me. Overall, this issue was a lot more enjoyable than I had anticipated and I’ll definitely be reading the third part. 


Ben DuPey | NCR

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