Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Batwoman # 4

story: Marguerite Bennett and James Tynion IV
art: Steve Epting

The Many Arms of Death Finale: Blackstar

Previously, in Batwoman: Kate Kane’s search for the Monster Man Virus leads her to the island of Coryana. Batwoman is battling the assassin Knife, as the Many Arms of Death attempts to blow up the island and everyone on it.


Knife’s Story

We learn more about Tahani, better known as the assassin, Knife. Her life journey took her to Japan at 18, Brazil at 21, Thailand at 23, and finally Coryana. It is there she meets Safiyah, keeper of the island and protector of its inhabitants … that is, until the arrival of Kate Kane.

A Stab at Batwoman

As Knife and Batwoman battle in Smuggler’s Cove, the rest of Safiyah’s former crew try to deactivate the bombs. Knife resents Kate for stealing Safiyah away from her, and therefore causing the downfall of the island nation. As a result, Knife used the Kali Corporation, which we know better as the Many Arms of Death, to break Kate by destroying the island she loved so much.

The Retreat and the Celebration

Knife retreats as Batwoman gains the upper hand thanks to her unique array of bat-gadgets. Safiyah’s former crew celebrates the victory as Julia Pennyworth cares for Batwoman’s injuries. Kate worries Julia is going to report her rowdy friends and late night shenanigans to Batman, and it appears Julia might be doing just that, as we see her correspond with an unknown messenger on her computer.

A Surprise Twist

In the final pages we see Safiyah, very much alive contrary to what Batwoman and her crew think; and she is working alongside the creepy brother and sister who are the head of the Many Arms of Death!

Next: The Lady of the Island

Sum it up!

Another near-perfect issue from the creative team behind Batwoman. The baggage the characters carry is heavy, and it can be felt by the readers. All this translates into a captivating story about love, betrayal, and the emotional aftermath.

score 9/10

Noah O'Toole | NCR

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