Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Deathstroke #20

Writer: Priest
Pencils: Carlo Pagulayan
Inks: Jason Paz & Sean Parsons
Colors: Jeromy Cox

Is Deathstroke, actually done being, well Deathstroke? The last we saw him, defeated and as broken hearted as a killer can be, claimed that he was going to quit. So what’s next for our deadly assassin.


Dr. Ikon

Flashback to the prestigious Dr. Ikon and the creation of the Ikonic suit. A man who loved Jericho, and deemed himself a hero. He recalls how and where he first met the deadly Deathstroke. But now as he is born again, in more than one way, it looks like Dr. Ikon is going to take “an eye for an eye” super seriously.


Slade is trying to atone for his sins. He heads to Tanya’s house with a puppy, to ask for her forgiveness and her loyalty. With no lackluster in stalking methods, he’s able to get her to join his team. Also on his team… his alive son, Jericho. Let's forget the fact that they just tried to kill each other, or that Slade slept and killed Jericho’s fiancé…yeah sure add him to the team roster.

Hail Mary

I get the tone that Priest is trying to set up, but it really took me aback. There was a lot of scripture in this issue, and it felt misplaced. Did Slade witness something that the reader didn’t during his time, in time? I will say Dr. Ikon looks like a beast, and I think visually it’ll be cool to see this team of misfits against him. Also, it’s not explained at all why Deathstroke assembled his team of “Dark Titans,” a team, where most of the members hate him. It just happens.

Sum it Up!

What?!? Seriously what is going on. It feels like Priest is only writing half of what comes to his mind. I love a good read the between the lines plot story, but I feel like I missed so much in this issue. I guess it’ll get explained along the way? It is frustrating because you can feel the presence of a good story, just not executed well. At least for me…


Ariel DuPey | NCR

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