Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Green Arrow # 25

Story: Benjamin Percy
Art: Otto Schmidt

With the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, it seems that this world's hooded crusader is in over his head. With allies far and in between, will Ollie be able to take his city back?



Oliver Queen is trying to clear his name the right way, by going to trial. It’s proving a difficult task since every one that approaches him seems to have already decided he’s guilty. But with the help of a new lawyer, maybe he has a smidgen of a chance of getting out of this before he’s behind bars.

Make Star City Great Again

Meanwhile, Mayor Domini is promising the public of a new and improved wondrous place that is Star City. This is while the rest of the city is dying from poverty and corruption. My husband’s girlfriend, the red head reporter is desperately trying to show the people the truth of what Mayor Domini is really doing. Now things are going to get worse as Domini plans to make his empire national. Back on the street, a furious Canary is still trying to clear neighborhood before the corporations come tumbling in to get rid of people.

No New Hope

Lucky for Ollie he still has a couple of important people on his side; like Henry, who is actually alive and getting close up intel. But will that be enough? Canary is pissed at him. Diggle appears to have betrayed him. Does anyone know what Diggle is actually up to, because he looks like he’s playing both sides possibly. To make matters worse the Ninth Circle has finally found a queen to rule them…Moira!

Sum it Up

If Orwell wrote comics instead of novels, I have a feeling him and Benjamin Percy would have worked together. I love seeing the parallels Percy draws between real life and fantasy. He does it in a way that still makes it comical and still rooted in fiction. A great anniversary issue that will keep you on your feet from beginning to end; and actually have you wondering if the good guys are going lose this time.


Ariel DuPey | NCR

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