Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Harley Quinn #21

Story: Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti
Art: Joseph Michael Linsner and John Timms

Harley is back in the second installation of the Blast From The Future story arc and she’s ready to kick some Batgirl butt! And not the Barbara Gordon Batgirl that we’re all used to. This is Batgirl from the future who has come to the present day to kill Harley. Batgirl is doing all this because apparently Harley Quinn ends up killing Batman in the distant future. So did Conner and Palmiotti pull off the perfect pool of Harley and Batgirl? Or did it fall flat in the second issue? Read on to find out! 

***Non-Spoilers and Recap at the bottom***


So at the end of last issue, we saw Harley shoot Batgirl off of a catapult that Harley keeps on her rooftop. So we pick up in this issue where Batgirl has done something in true Bat-Family style and shot off a couple of grappling cords to bring her back to the rooftop for her and Harley to square off. But before we get the all-female-fight-ah-the-century, both Harley and Batgirl are put to sleep with some kind of tranquilizing gas.

All Tied Up

The next sequence shows up Batgirl and Harley tied up and being questioned by Red Tool. Red Tool is trying to convince Batgirl that the future she’s from is not this current earth’s future. He even executes somebody that he says is Batgirls great-great-however many greats grandfather to prove to her that this is not her past. Batgirl decides to buy what he’s sellin and tells him that she wont continue to pursue Harley.

Small World (s?)

Turns out, Red Tool and future Batgirl are from the same place! A place where you compete to win a trip back in time to kill the girl who eventually kills Batman. Red Tool agrees to let future Babs stay at her place for the next year until she’s teleported back to the time that she came from. And at the end, we find out that Red Tool did not kill the man he claimed was her great relative. And that he isn’t even her relative! Also, we find out that she’s not really gonna stop pursuing Harley Quinn.

Mom and Dad are here! 

The last part of this issue shows Harley waking up in her apartment that Red Tool was nice enough to clean for her. And just as she’s getting her wits about her, her mom and dad show up! Not this is the part that I’m really excited about. Just the idea of meeting Harley Quinns parents and finding out what that looks like truly excites me. Are they total crazypant weirdos too? Or are they totally normal? At the end of the issue, we get a look at them and they look normal enough. So we’ll have to wait until next issue to find out more about Harley Quinn’s parents. 

Sum it up! 

Small confession: I literally just started reading the Harley Quinn comics on the last issue. So I may be on the pink cloud of Harley Quinn, as all of this seems totally ridiculous and fun to me compared to the other DC Comics I read every week. 

Watching Harley Quinn freak out about her parents and getting to meet and learn about Red Tool and future Batgirl makes this issue totally worth the few dollars you would pay for it. There are a lot of fun and ridiculous things happening (as there should be in a Harley Quinn book), but there’s also a pretty decent narrative being told at the same time. Definitely worth your money, if you’re into that sort of thing! 


Ben DuPey | NCR

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