Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Harley Quinn #22

story: Jimmy Palmotti and Amanda Connor
art: John Timms

The Many Arms of Death Finale: Blackstar

Previously, in Harley Quinn: Following a battle with Bat-Fan, which followed a battle with Red Tool, which interrupted a battle with Harley and Sinn after she kidnapped Madam and Mason Macabre, the situation gets even worse as Harley parents are on their way over for a nice visit!


Bad Dreams

Harley Quinn has anxiety-driven dreams, just like the rest of us. Harley dreams about every possible thing that could go wrong when her ma and pa's visit, from telling her parents she used to date the Joker, to a parade of naked people walking out of her shower, to the horror of her parents discovering her burnt and bruised beaver (the stuffed one name Bernie)! Luckily, however, this is not how things went down. Harley wakes up in the backseat of her parent’s car where she dozed off. Flesh colored make-up hides her white skin as she gives ma and pa a tour of her job at the counseling center.

Good Luck (For Once!)

Much to Harley’s relief, her parents are going to stay in a hotel and not at her place. Harley finally arrives home and takes a bath before meeting her parents for dinner. On the television, Harley hears a news report about the case of the missing homeless people she helped save. After brushing her teeth and applying those pesky whitening strips, a towel-clad Harley heads to her room to pick out an outfit.

So Much for the Good Luck

Unfortunately, waiting in her bedroom is none other than Harley Sinn and a bound a gagged Mason and Madam Macabre. Following a bloody battle, Harley Sinn reveals to Harley Quinn what she is after: Sinn wants Quinn to help her take out the mayor of New York City!

Next: Elected Official Fishiness

Sum it up!

Every page of Harley Quinn is unpredictable. From dream-sequences to Harley fist-fighting in the buff, every page is full of surprises. Obscure characters and a strong (and hilarious) supporting cast make this book a fun and unique read every issue.

score 8/10

Noah O'Toole | NCR

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