Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Injustice 2 # 4

Story: Tom Taylor
Pencils: Daniel Samprere
Inks: Juan Albarran
Colors Rex Lokus

With the evil Batman and Ra's Al Ghul  teaming up to create a new dystopia, the end is closer than we think. But they are going to have to influence the unwilling to do their bidding.


Like Daughter…Like Mom?

Ra’s Al Ghul has spilled the beans to Harley’s niece, that she’s actually Harley’s daughter. Then he tries to use the daughter to persuade Harley to help him conquer his quest for world domination. Well, Harley doesn’t take this threat lightly and head butts Ra’s right in the face. This causes a frenzy and Ra’s goons begin open firing on Harley. Luckily for her, Poison Ivy still has her back. Harley knows she’s done unspeakable acts in the past but is she going to participate in the very close to the end of the world? Does she even have a choice in the matter?

Like Father …Like Son

Meanwhile, good Batman is reminiscing about the good ol’ days when Alfred took care of him and when Damian was just beginning out. A surprising couple of pages shows us Damian actually being kind, and helpful. Man how the tables have turned. Damian gets annoyed that he was supposed to be allowed to go out on his own, but his father was watching him the whole time. Alfred assures the child that Dad will always be watching, because he’s always going to care. Snap back to reality, and Batman decides that no father should be separated from his son, so this prompts him to put what appears to be a tracking device in Conner. I don’t know how Canary and Green Arrow are going to feel about that

Sum it Up

I’m a huge fan of this art style, even with its dusk back drop it still pops with vibrance. I also absolutely love Harley in this comic, I wish Tom would be more involved in other versions of her. It’d be fantastic if he got involved in making an animated movie. I just love his characterizations. His dialogue between characters are always so natural and smooth. Even though much didn’t happen in this issue it was still very solid, and I can’t wait to see what Tom Taylor has for us next.


Ariel DuPey | NCR

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