Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Justice League #22

Story: Shea Fontana
Art: Phillipe Briones

Justice League #22 is here and I’m getting a much needed break from the timey wimey mess that Bryan Hitch delivers to me bi-weekly. Shea Fontana is taking a run at writing the most powerful superhero team in all of DC Comics. I was pretty optimistic about going into this issue, seeing as how Fontana is the new writer for Wonder Woman (starting with issue 26). So is DC’s apparent faith in Shea Fontana totally solid? Or is it just another confusing mess of a book? Read on to find out! 

***Non-Spoilers and Re-Cap at the bottom***

The Bugs Have Taken Over!

This issue is a one off where Simon and Jessica have gone out in space to take care of an asteroid field that was set on course for planet Earth. When they go back to the Watchtower, they are told that they’ve brought back some alien contagens with them. The remainder of the issue is the majority of the Justice League working together to get the alien bugs off of the ship and safely to a new home.

Shea knows how to write Powerful Women

The highlight of this issue was the way that Shea Fontana handled writing Jessica Cruz and Wonder Woman. She was able to write Jessica as the anxiety addled Green Lantern that she normally was, but did not take away from the strengths that she has. Yes, Jessica fears a great deal. But her fear also gives her a healthy amount of respect for situations and allows her to think things through before reacting. Fontana also handled Wonder Woman quite well, showing her in a training exercise with Baz and Cruz. The way that she wrote Jessica and Diana makes me very excited for what’s to come in Wonder Woman’s future. 

Sum it up! 

Shea Fontana knows how to write Wonder Woman and Jessica Cruz. She also knows how to handle a team book better than the current ongoing writer for the Justice League. It’s enough to make me wish she was permanently writing Justice League. If you’ve been waiting for Justice League to get a little better, this is definitely a book you’ll want to pick up. 


Ben DuPey | NCR

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