Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Nightwing # 23

Story: Tim Seeley
Art: Minkyu Jung
Colors: Chris Sotomayor

Blockbuster 2.0 is not only strong, but apparently helpful as well. But can Nightwing truly trust him?


Rolling with the New Blockbuster

A surprised Nightwing tries to figure out if he can truly trust this new Blockbuster. Roland, who stole his brothers improved Bane-esque formula, is using it to keep his streets clean…so he says. Nightwing doesn’t really have a choice but to trust him, since crime in Bludhaven keeps leaking. Dick runs off to fight crime, with absolutely no support from the local P.D. Yeah, there’s no Gordon here. Nightwing begs the captain to listen to the names of possible dirty cops (from the list Roland gave him), but she has no desire to listen to the vigilante.

All is Fair in Love and War

Dick goes home to a pretty peeved off girlfriend. That’s when things get real. Dick tells Shawn that he knows how he wants to raise his kids, but he’s not sure if her way will be good. Ouch, Dick…that’s pretty harsh. Maybe he should be with someone who truly understands him and his life…idk…maybe someone like Barbara Gordon. Just saying.

Oh Captain, My Captain

Nightwing decides to follow the two dirty cops to try and stop the dirty transaction that Roland said would happen. That’s when he discovers the truth. He’s dropped into a den of some serious bad guys, and they have brand new toys. Apparently Roland delivered Nightwing to King Shark as a test subject. Things don’t look good for our hero.

Sum it Up

Nightwing finds himself in a pretty big mess, in his real and vigilante life. No big surprise there. Even though the story was a pretty good one, it was lackluster. There were definitely some fun panels with the good ol’ Dick humor, but nothing in this issue really excited me. The ending does hint to a good break away story for next issue, so hopefully things pick up then.


Ariel DuPey | NCR

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