Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Suicide Squad #20

story: Rob Williams
art: Stjepan Sejic

Managing People

Previously, in Suicide Squad: Rick Flag sacrificed his life to stop General Zod. With Flag dead, the Suicide Squad is now in need of a new leader and it’s up to Amanda Waller to decide who.


What’s Needed to Lead?

Amanda Waller asks herself what attributes are needed to lead the Suicide Squad. Traits like altruism are not rewarded and are the reason Rick Flag failed. Waller visits the Squad members one by one to determine who is best suited to lead the team. Should it be the sword-wielding Katana, the only one of the group who is not a criminal? Or should it be Captain Boomerang, who has proven himself not to be a traitor, but will still do anything to save his own neck? Or perhaps it should be Deadshot, the natural born leader who doesn’t want to be a leader at all?

The Decision is Made

The new leader of the Suicide Squad is Harley Quinn! The one person who wants it the least was given the job, and she’s not taking the news well. Does Amanda Waller know Harley Quinn better than she knows herself? After all, it was Quinn who brought everyone back together as a team after the battle with Rustam when there were no brain bombs. Waller choses Quinn because the team listens to her when the going gets tough, and the going is about to get even tougher as Amanda has just ordered the Suicide Squad on a new mission to assassinate Director Karla!

Next: The Trial of Amanda Waller!

sum it up!

I must admit I was blown-away by this issue. The photo-realistic art style by Stjepan Sejic is breathtaking, and after the events of last issue that finally shook up the Squad’s roster the story has finally piqued my interest. This is the most interesting issue of Suicide Squad I’ve read in a long time and is a great jumping on point for new readers.

score 10/10

Noah O'Toole | NCR

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