Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Supergirl # 10

Writer: Steve Orlando
Pencils: Brian Ching
Colors: Michael Atiyeh 

The king of the Phantom Zone has trapped the three lost in there with him, will it take Supergirl's bravery, or Batgirl's planning to get them out?


The Doctor is In 

A man masked as a sailor finds Kara, Babs, and Ben lost among the souls of the damned. They take his help, but only to find that they are in company with evil. This man is actually Dr. Xa-Du, a wicked person who was condemned long ago. He holds the Aethyr Switch, and once he has the power to turn it on he can escape this wretched place. 

With Great Power...

Ben argues that he can hold his own, while the girls discuss an escape plan. Kara comes to realize that the 'Aethyr Switch' is actually a very powerful girl name Psi. In attempt to help her, Kara gets scratched by Dr. Xa-Du, and now has poison running through her veins. But that won't stop the hero. Psi, now awake and raging with fear has turned herself into a destructive dragon. Ignoring Batgirl's pleas for a plan. Kara does what she does best, be a hero. 

Side Note

While this is going on presumably, a very powerful sorceress is freed. The Emerald Empresses has found her Selena, what they have planned is not yet know. But a great evil is afoot. 

Sum It Up

Books are just killer this week! Orlando is telling a very solid story, all the while having strong characterizations. There were some powerful moments in this issue, that made this book incredible. I just don't know what more you could want in a comic; there's action, heroism, dragons, and an escape attempt. Supergirl should be on your pull list...go ahead and do it now...i'll wait. 


Ariel DuPey | NCR 

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