Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Titans # 12

Writer: Dan Abnett
Pencils: Kenneth Rocafort
Inks/Colors: Dan Brown 

Repercussions from previous actions and discoveries, are slowly knocking down the Titans one by one. Omen is mind linked to all of them, but how can she help when all her friends are breaking down?


Mind Games 

Lilith has traveled to Riker's Island to have a private conversation with Psimon. A being whose mind is as powerful as hers. But Lilith is no newcomer, she weaves a trail of deceptions and misdirections in order to get the information she needs. She fools Psimon into thinking he's in control, all the while searching his mind for the target; where are Karen's memories? She may have gotten her answer, but at what cost?


In order to trick Psimon into thinking he had the advantage, Omen had to open her own mind and let him in. In doing so she let Psimon see how her team is falling apart. Donna knows she was just created to destroy Wonder Woman, Nightwing lied to everyone and made a deal with the devil, and both Roy and Flash are suffering from broken hearts. Now, Psimon has foretold a future where one of the team members will betray them all; a thought that Lilith can't shake. Now as the team heads out to find Karen's lost memories, Omen feels that something bad is just around the corner. I will say the dialogue between Lilith and Psimon was so strong it brought me back to how Batman and the Joker spoke to one another. It's just like watching a chess match. 

Sum it Up

Wow, what a great freaking read. After the disappointing Lazarus Contract, it feels good to see this book back in its comfort zone. No loose ends after this issue, everything the Titans have faced are coming back to haunt them. The plot flowed naturally, and the dialogue was strong and captivating. The art was beautiful the whole way through. Abnett is on his A game with this one.


Ariel DuPey | NCR 

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