Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Trinity #10

story and art: Francis Manapul

Dead Space: Part 2

Previously in Trinity: The Justice League Watchtower, and the rest of the Justice League, has been infected by an alien virus. To make matters worse, the Watchtower is on an orbital decay into the Earth’s atmosphere.


Saving the League

The alien virus that has taken hold of the Justice League not only alters their physical appearance, but it also takes over their mind. When an infected Aquaman doesn’t kill the uninfected Flash, Batman realizes Aquaman is holding back, and the infected are trying to force his actions. Batman and Flash add electricity to the water around Aquaman, injuring the alien host and almost freeing Arthur from their control.

The Choice

Superman and Wonder Woman are talking to another alien who claims to be trying to help. According to him, the only way to stop the Watchtower from crashing into the Earth and the virus destroying the entire human population is to detonate the Watchtower and kill the virus on board, including the infected Leaguers. Superman and Wonder Woman promptly dismiss him, claiming there must be another way.

End of Orbit

The Watchtower makes a dramatic shift as it breeches the Earth’s atmosphere. The Flash appears to sacrifice himself and Aquaman in order to save Batman and Cyborg. Meanwhile, Superman attempts to push the Watchtower out of Earth’s atmosphere and back into orbit, but he can only slow it down. Wonder Woman discovers the aliens are more than just a virus - they are evolving beings who are drawn to her as their queen!

Next: Gods and Monsters

Sum it up!

Despite the clean art, which is the only highlight of the book, I forgot if I was reading Trinity or Justice League, as both books seem like carbon copies of each other. The plot always seems to be the same: an alien invasion threatens Earth and it’s up to Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman to save the world. I’m ready for something new.

score 5/10

Noah O'Toole | NCR

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  1. I thought this felt like Hitch's Justice League last issue as sad because I wanted this as my Justice League book. I guess I'll keep looking. I do LOVE Manapul's art so much, but it's a shame it seems wasted here.