Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wonder Woman # 24

Story: Greg Rucka
Art: Bilquis Evely

Godwatch: Epiloge

Previously in Wonder Woman: Diana has defeated Phobos and Deimos, the twin sons of Ares, and prevented them from taking the mantle of the God of War.  Veronica Cale’s daughter has been restored, but can never leave Themyscira as a result. Barbara Ann Minerva has once again been transformed into the Cheetah by Dr. Cale as part of her attempts to rescue her daughter.


Mothers and Daughters

As the portal to Ares closes, Wonder Woman and Veronica Cale are returned to the real world.  Veronica Cale will never see her daughter again just as Diana will never see her mother again.  Themyscira is truly lost to her, not only has she never been home since the first time she left, but she also knows now she may never return to Paradise again.

The Rise of the Cheetah

Diana notices Barbara is missing, but Steve convinces her that the Cheetah can take care of herself and that the two of them needed to get out of here.  As Steve and Diana leave, we see the Cheetah spying on them from the brush.  After they’re gone, she approaches the portal to Ares, which is now closed and merely the husk of an old tree.  With tears streaming down her face, Cheetah begs the power of the gods to accept her.  But when the portal rejects her and disappears, she vows her revenge on everyone, Amazon and God alike.

Friends and Enemies

Not one to abandon a friend in need, Wonder Woman leaves in search of the Cheetah.  Knowing Barbara Ann Minerva is out for blood, Wonder Woman drops in on Veronica Cale who is being ripped to shreds by the Cheetah.  In the final heart-breaking scenes, Wonder Woman saves Veronica Cale by putting Cheetah is choke hold which knocks her unconscious. 

Next: What Now?

Sum it up!

Rucka reinvention of the Cheetah has been a highlight from the series and this issue sets her up to be a consistent villain in Wonder Woman’s future.  While this issue didn’t add anything of substance to the overall story, it demonstrated Diana’s vast capabilities for love and forgiveness.


Noah O'Toole | NCR

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