Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Wonder Woman #25

story: Greg Rucka
art: Liam Sharp and Bilquis Evely


Previously, in Wonder Woman: Rebirth – Diana has discovered her gods have deceived her as part of their plan to keep Ares hidden from his sons who want his title as the God of War. Diana’s friend Barbara Ann Minerva became a pawn in their scheme and has been transformed into the blood-thirsty and feral Cheetah as a tragic result.


An Angry Amazon

The Justice League is fighting the Shaggy Man with one member noticeably absent. Where is Wonder Woman? Diana swoops in on cue, but is clearly harboring some anger issues. Superman and Batman talk to her and she tells them about her gods deception and her lasso being used to bind two gods. Clark and Bruce tell Diana there is still hope and she realizes it’s time to confront her patrons.

The Truth Is

The Gods and Goddesses of Themyscira grant Diana an audience and remind her of all she has accomplished and all she has become. She who wondered now has seen wonders. A girl has grown into a woman and has become a hero to many. The truth of Diana has never changed and the gods themselves could never take that from her. And with that, her lasso, the perfect, appears at her side.

A Fairytale Ending

Meanwhile, Steve Trevor has been hard at work creating an actual home for Diana to live. He got roses, wine, and even shaved so he looked more like he did when they first met. It was all very tender and the book ends with Diana asking Steve to show her the bedroom first. After 75 years Diana finally gets to be with Steve Trevor in the way she deserves.

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sum it up!

(wraps lasso around arm) I’m compelled to tell the truth: I’m disappointed the final issue of Rucka’s run didn’t answer many of the questions raised during Rebirth. However, it didn’t need to. The truth of Wonder Woman has never changed and this is a story about finding the truth in yourself.

score 8/10

Noah O'Toole | NCR

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