Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Story: Tim Seeley
Art: Christian Duce

Wonder Woman’s Boyfriend Steve Trevor in: The River of Lost Years

The Steve Trevor special serves as a bridge that ties characters from the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Wonder Woman movies into the comic book series.


Meet the Three Amigos
We are finally introduced to three characters that appear in Wonder Woman’s photograph in BvS and the new Wonder Woman live-action movie:  Charlie, Sameer, and Chief.  Charlie is an ex-British army sniper who likes to drink and is prone to the occasional panic attack.  Sameer is former Moroccan Intelligence and speaks 24 languages.  He’s also a con man and a smooth-talker.  Chief is a Native American former member of the Shadow Wolves, a group of smuggler-hunters, who uses his experience to help refugees and illegal immigrants.

Steve to the Rescue
Steve Trevor is known as the man who found Paradise and brought a little of it back with him.  Following a brief interaction with Wonder Woman, Steve receives a distress message from his buddies.  Steve rescues them and an old woman from a leather-clad woman known as Saturna and her army of Crimson Men.  Charlie, Sameer, and Chief tell Steve that when they first met the old woman named Fatma three days ago she was only seven years old.  After the first night she appeared to be sixty.  Fatma leads Trevor and his crew through caverns and into a new paradise that holds the Fountain of Youth.  After drinking from the waters Fatma de-ages back to a child.

Paradise Found
Saturna and the Crimson Men followed them to the Fountain of Youth, but thanks to quick thinking teamwork, Steve, Charlie, Sameer, and Chief defeat Saturna and leave paradise behind for a second time, deciding to keep its location a secret from anyone who might try to exploit it.

Sum it up!
While I applaud the Steve Trevor special for introducing the diverse group of characters seen in the new Wonder Woman movie to the comic books, it did little else productive. The opening scene with Wonder Woman was cringe-worthy at best, inappropriate at worst, and out-of-place no matter how you look at it.  The movie does a much better job developing Charlie, Sameer, and Chief and I recommend watching that instead.

Score 6/10

Noah O'Toole | NCR

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