Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Action Comics # 983

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Pencils/Inks: Viktor Bogdanovic and Jonathan Glapion
Colors: Mike Spicer

Just as all hope is lost a beaming light comes from the distance to help out the fallen hero. With all the Supers in place, they have a fighting chance against the unbeatable team up of Superman’s greatest foes.


Foe Against Friend

A team-Up for the ages, Lana, Kara, Kenan, Steel, and Lex have traveled to the Fortress of Solitude to help Supes defend his castle. There, Zod leads his team of super-villains to find the Phantom Zone projector. Keeping that projector away from them, and not letting them on to his new blindness is on the agenda for Supes. An action filled fight breaks out, and a desperate Lois is trying to get her son to safety as soon as possible.


The worst has happened and Zod has discovered Jon and Lois! Not only that but he has finally gotten the Phantom Zone projector. In a moment of disbelief to the reader, Zod turns the projector on the Supers and sends them all to the Phantom Zone! All except Kara, who protected Jon and Lois. Not only that, but he sends Cyborg-Super and the Eradicator in right after them. Wow, Zod does not play around.

Sum it Up!

This is everything that Action Comics should be, my jaw actual fell in shock at the events that unfolded. Absolutely everything is up in the air after this issue, and I don’t have any guesses of what could happen next. A must read for the week.


Ariel DuPey | NCR

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