Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Action Comics # 984

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artists: Patrick Zircher
Color: Hi-Fi

Zod has finally reached his ultimate goal, and has gotten access to the Phantom Zone. Now Superman’s family is in the cross hairs, will Zod get his ultimate revenge.


Who You Gonna Call

Lois is worried sick that Zod has gotten a hold of her son, since he’s no where to be seen. Meanwhile, the remanding Zod cheer team is wondering why in all of Krypton would he send two of them to the Phantom Zone. One good things comes out of the zone, Supes gets his eyesight back, and apparently that shows itself in a beaming flash of light coming from his chest.

Get in the Zone

The Eradicator is trying to maintain contact with Blanque to understand why him and Cyborg-Superman were sent here. No it wasn’t out of maliciousness, Zod wants them to find his army. But the duo are found out pretty quickly by the real heroes stuck in there with them.


Back in the Fortress

Zod is making enemies left in right, he’s now exiled Mongul and punched Metallo. As Zod grabs Kara to end her life, the Kryptonian battle suit burst in, and knocks away Zod. Who is helming the power you may ask, well non other than golden boy, Jon himself. But Jon isn’t alone, a mysterious voice is helping the child in battle.

Equal Playing Fields

Superman and his team of Supers fight as hard as they can to bring Eradicator and Cyborg-Superman down. When it looks like Superman has the fight in his corner, Zod’s wife and son, emerge from the nothingness and knock Superman down. Back on Earth, Zod discovers that Jon is behind the suit and rages with anger. Krypto jumps in and attacks to protect his boy. Injured, Zod reaches and opens the portal once more to let his son and wife out of the Phantom Zone. Too injured to battle, the family flees into the darkness, but be assured they will be back. Superman uses the projector to bring back the other Supers but leaves Eradicator in there for now. But wait who was that mysterious voice helping Jon…Ozymandias?!?

Sum it Up

Wow, what a fantastic read! I don’t think I’ve ever given a Superman comic a 10/10, but this one deserves it. Mystery, action, revenge, heart, this issue had it all. It was also nice to get that tease at the end once again. This is only the begging of the biggest struggle Superman might ever face.


Ariel DuPey | NCR

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