Wednesday, July 26, 2017

All Star Batman # 12

Story: Scott Snyder
Art: Rafeal Albuquerque

The First Ally: Part Three

Previously, in All Star Batman – Bruce goes to Miami because the Genesis Engine, a machine capable of cloning cells, has gone up for auction on the black market. Scott Snyder gives us a glimpse into Alfred’s past and it’s pretty dark. Is Alfred responsible for the creation of the Dark Knight? 


Cloned Confusion

This is a deep issue from a deep series, it’s difficult to encompass what is happening in this issue without a direct understanding of the last. Nevertheless, the Genesis Engine is the driving force behind Batman’s motivations and the intricate plotline involving the Black and Whites (Penguin, Black Knight, and Great White) rescuing Batman because they think he’s Hush pretending to be Batman.

Alfred’s Past

Alfred continues to be a major player in this story. Scott Snyder does do a great job exploring the similarities between Bruce and Alfred. Alfred worked for MI5 under someone who mentored him and pushed him in the same way Alfred pushed Bruce. It is an interesting parallel that helps put Alfred’s motivations behind serving Bruce into perspective.

Batman’s Future

Batman helps save some people, calls himself “Captain Batman”, and gets rescued by mermaids with scuba masks. The Black and Whites are back and the Wayne Hotel’s grand opening is delayed when the building collapses. The issue ends with Batman wondering if he’s become the “bad captain” that lead his crew to destruction as is world is being blown apart.

Next: Nemesis Revealed

Sum it up!

This book is not for me. It has highlights, like the Black and Whites and the glimpses into Alfred’s past, but goofy one-liners like Bruce saying, “call me Captain Batman”, take me out of the moment. Any story involving cloning can get twisted quickly and I’m afraid the complexity was too much for what I want out of a Batman book.

Score 6/10

Noah O'Toole | NCR

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