Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Batman Beyond # 10

Artists: Dan Jurgens
Artist: Bernard Chang
Color: Marcelo Maiolo

Terry didn’t heed Bruce’s warning, and now the suit is taking even more control and changing Terry’s mindset. Will Bruce be able to save the new Batman?


Rise of the Brat

Flashback of Damian confronting his grandfather Ras Al Ghul, and of him growing up and training. Back to the now, Bruce desperately tries to get Damian to put down the sword, and not kill Terry. But Damian sees Terry’s death beneath him anyway so he was never in any real danger, at least not from Damian. Bruce confront his son, and see the true reason for such hatred jealousy. Quietly in the snow Terry’s comes to, and he’s not happy that Damian considers him inferior.


Son Against Pretender

Damian and Terry go at it head strong, while a helpless old man Bruce begs for them to stop. As Damian realizes that the suit is now in control he brings out an old friend, Goliath! In Terry’s defeat we learn the truth behind Damian’s disappearance. He left on his own free will, because Ras showed him that his intention of saving the future were greater than Batman’s concern for the night. Ras convinced Damien that the only way to save Earth was to get rid of as many human parasites as he could.  But the whole time Damien should of kept his eye on Terry. Because now he’s free and he’s already killed Goliath.

Sum it Up

Fun, fast, exciting read each week. It’s interesting to see the paths of these well known characters, and having moments of yes, of course that happened.  I also like the psychological dance that Damien does to avoid admitting he was hurt by Bruce’s seemingly indifference towards him. A good breakfast read.


Ariel DuPey | NCR

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