Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Batwoman # 5

Story: Marguerite Bennett & James Tynion IV
Art: Stephanie Hans


Previously, on Batwoman: Kate Kane, the Batwoman, has returned to an island from her past in her search for the international bio-terrorists known as The Many Arms of Death. Batwoman’s former lover, Safiyah, is nowhere to be found, and her scorned ex-lover Tahani wants revenge on Batwoman who she believes is responsible for destroying her paradise.


The Lost Year

We see more of Kate’s time on the island of Coryana during “the lost year”. Kate learns more about Safiyah as Safiyah learns more about Kate all while Tahani watches, growing bitter and feeling scorned over Safiyah’s growing affection for this fire-haired outsider. Safiyah has done some research on Kate and knows about her background including getting kicked out of West Point for “making love and not war”.

The Next Day

As Kate’s wounds from being shipwrecked begin to heal, her affection for Safiyah grows and the feeling is mutual. When Tahani leaves a bottle of alcohol in Kate’s room in an attempt to speed up her inevitable relapse, Safiyah is furious and shows Tahani the door.

The Trial

Safiyah’s crew on the island don’t have the same trust in Kate that she does. When a stolen oil tanker nears the island, the crew insist on Kate joining them on the mission to steal it back. Safiyah resists, but Kate, who has been spying on the conversation, agrees. As expected, the situation was too good to be true when Kate quickly discovers that Tahani, and another traitor from Safiyah’s gang, have been working together to take her down and the whole thing was a trap!

That End?

As the waves pummel the boat, Kate and Tahani pummel each other. Safiyah, now aware of the ambush, tries to save Kate, but when the lightning cracks and the wave craves Kate has once again been seemingly lost at sea. As Safiyah pulls Kate’s lifeless body from the sea, she embraces her and asks her to stay when Kate finally gasps for air. Finally, a moment to breathe…

Next: Pax Batmana

Sum it up!

While this issue in particular doesn’t take place in the present, it’s Kate Kane’s past that makes her so interesting. Needless to say, I relish the issues that fill us in on what happened to her during the “lost year” and this flashback delivers.

Score 9/10

Noah O'Toole | NCR

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