Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Cyborg # 14

Writer: John Semper Jr.
Artists: Will Conrad
Colors: Ivan Nunes

Anomaly following the voice inside his end has shot of a singularity sending everyone in the room through a vortex…now Cyborg and his team have to find out where on EArt they are…or if they are even on Earth?


Hotel Mech-Human 

Yes, I stole that from the book, they are in fact not on Earth, instead they’ve ended up in another reality it seems. The one good news is that Variant is now awake and able to help out. Even Anomaly seems in distress, because the voice that been leading the way has now vanished, and not even he knows what is going on. That’s when the group runs into non other than Beast Boy. Beast Boy helps them escaped from the virus shooting mecha-humans, that are trying to turn everyone who is not a robot..into one.

I Got it From my Mama

Once they all make it to safety, the voice appears and to everyone’s surprise it’s Cyborg’s dead mother. Apparently in this reality the experiments that Dr. Stone did to save his wife’s life worked, but to dire consequences. The Anomaly in this world took the O.T.A.C and created the virus to make every living person a mecha-human. Miss Stone shows that even if robots ran the planet, there would still be death and chaos. Now Cyborg must team up with the Metal Men to save this reality.

Sum it Up

I want to give Semper a high-five, this book got me excited and for once actually interested in the next issue. I get pretty tired of hero-book troupes, but this felt like a new sinister spin. It felt like this book has been trying to find it's footing for awhile, but the last two issues have me hoping for a brighter future for Cyborg. 


Ariel DuPey | NCR 

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