Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Deathstroke # 21

Writer: Priest
Pencils: Diogenes Neves
Inks: Jason Paz
Colors Jeromy Cox

In Deathstorke's redemption he has brought together a new team of...well heroes, I suppose. But with his wife's credit for the team up being lost in the wind will she lie back and let Deathstroke that the 


What Do We Want? 

To the displeasure of his ex wife, Deathstoke is leading the new team called Defiance. We finally learn the motivation behind some of the team members joining. Which was important since they all seem to hate Deathstroke, so it didn’t make too much sense to join him. While Adeline is trying to undermine Slade, Slade is watching the news unsatisfied. How is he suppose to put the kids out on training when there’s no crisis?

When Do We Want it? 

Well he decides he might as well make one. So I guess his change of heart isn’t lasting too long. He heads out and decides to finish one last contract on a ruthless drug dealer, who also happens to be the back up chauffeur for the President of Chetland Islands. . Causing the U.S Embassy there to be seized, but no need for the Justice League…We have Defiance!

Sum it Up

This is the first Deathstroke book i've enjoyed in a while. There wasn't as many breakups so the narrative was easier to follow. There was one line that seemed out of place and did take me out of the story for a moment. This book was short and sweet and we get a reintroduction into the cast that will be gracing the pages for the next couple months. For the first time in a while, I find myself caring about Deathstroke. 


Ariel DuPey | NCR 


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    1. When Adeline said, "and those two black kids," it might just be me, but it took me aback for a second