Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Flash # 26

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artists: Howard Porter
Colors: Hi-Fi

Flash and Iris are spun a new version of their future, directed by Reverse Flash. Will their love for each other cast the rest of the world in darkness? After everything they see, will they risk the worlds’ wellbeing just to be together?


Half Silver Fox

Lets all take a moment and appreciate future Barry’s silver beard…ok now that’s over, let’s get started. Future Barry, and future Iris watch as their city erupts in mayhem as multiple cyclones tear down the streets. Turns out these vicious gust of winds are actually Barry’s children! Feeling a Star Wars vibe here. All present day Barry and Iris can do is watch in utter shock and heartbreak at where their lives are headed.

Back to the Now

Thawne returns the three home, and reminds Barry that he is his own worst enemy. And of course Iris is really upset that Barry lied to her about who he is. She’s upset like every girlfriend ever in comic history when they eventually find out their lovers alter ego. No surprise there. Thawne uses the high intense emotions running wild to trick Barry into being trapped in the negative speed force that Thawne created.

More Lies

Thawne goes back on his promise to return Iris to safety, because once a bad guy, well you know. But Iris is done playing around she uses one of the rouge weapons to fight back. Then out of nowhere Barry Allen emerges. He looks as dead as he’s about to make Thawne.

Sum it Up

If you can get past the comic book redundancy of the secret identify reveal, this book was very pretty good. I’d say the ending was the saving grace for this particular issue. I loved the art and found the panel layouts very clever. As predictable as some of these issues can be, Williamson got me on this one.


Ariel DuPey | NCR

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