Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Green Arrow # 27

Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Jamal Campbell

Oliver is desperately trying to gain back his city and his reputation. He travels across the country to face the Ninth Circle head on, but on his journey he comes across Diana. Together will they be able to stop the end of morality.


Back in a Flash

With the help of Green Arrow’s insight, Barry is finally starting to understand how the 9th Circle works. Coming upon a crime scene, Barry does his forensics work and then heads to the lab to see what he can find out, leaving Arrow on his own. During a Weapon’s expo one of the armed robotics springs to life and blast those around it; declaring that there will be no peace in America. As it flees, Arrow catches up and swiftly takes it down. He begins to interrogate the man behind the expensive mask, when he’s interrupted by none other than Wonder Woman. While the heroes are distracted robo-guy takes the opportunity to escape.

Under the Underground

While fighting is going on top side, Canary is deep below the ground trying to stop the Underground Men from selling more teens. They were able to track them down by using Emi as an undercover victim. Quickly the girls kick some serious ass and free the others.


Wonder Woman encases Arrow in her lasso of truth, and learns that he is in fact being honest; he did not murder Wendy Poole. Now Wonder Woman is part of the gang that truly understand that Oliver Queen is a changed man. During a ceremony to honor the memory of the dead politicians and lobbyist, the 9th Circle attacks the Washington Monument. But we soon learn that wasn’t the true target, and with that, the traitorous Senator meets her end. Diana and Oliver learn the identity of the Robo-guy and track his suit back to…. LEXCORP.

Sum it Up

I actually liked the art in this issue, it was very clean and did well in telling the story in itself. It just took me an issue to get used to the style change. There was a lot going on in this issue, but Percy did a great job of making it cohesive. I’ve always been a big fan of how he’s able to parallel our reality, and this issue is no exception. The ending has me super pumped, because I’ve been waiting for the fall of a certain character for awhile now, and Percy may finally give it to me.


Ariel DuPey | NCR

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