Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Green Lanterns # 26

Writer: Sam Humphries
Artists: Ronan Cliquet
Colorist: Ulises Arreola

With Volthoom’s freedom we travel back to the beginning to see his journey to becoming the universal threat he is today. Will Rami and the Green Lanterns be able to keep this threat at bay? 


 Back to the Future 

The slowly shrinking Guardians get a visitor from another universe. A group of beings who gave up their emotions to better serve the world become infatuated with the man who seems to radiant with the emotion spectrum. Therefore, they set out to control his powers and the travel lantern. In return they will help Volthoom travel back in time and stop his planet from being destroyed. Rami has his own agenda; he wants Volthoom’s help to work on an unpopular project. A project that will allow the guardians to look into the future.

I Can Go the Distance 

As Volthoom becomes stronger and stronger, Rami begins to wonder if the path they are on is the correct one. So he uses the machine they’ve been working on and gets a glance into the future. There he learns that it is Volthoom who ends up destroying his own planet. With this new discovery, Rami refuses to let Volthoom go back. Angered by this, Volthoom is overwhelmed with emotion and begins to attack the Guardians. In desperation Rami destroys the travel lantern, and creates what he believes is the strongest emotion of rings, the power of will. And sends them off into space to find help. One finds its way to a savior of a planet…Calleen of AlStair.

Sum it Up

One of the strengths of Humphries is his ability to really hone in, and fully develop a villain. We can understand better why Volthoom has hatred against the guardians, why he is so persistent in getting his travel lantern back, and we understand his motivations and his fears. What we really excites me about this issue is the pattern that is developing. We are slowly being introduced to the wearers of the first seven rings. So i feel like an epic reunion is coming our ways. Overall a quick fun issue that helps us dig further into the overall arching plot. 


Ariel DuPey | NCR 

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