Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Harley Quinn #23

Story: Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti
Art: John Timms
Family Circles Part 2: Matters and Other Matters
Previously, in Harley Quinn – All heck is breaking loose for Harley Quinn!  Her parents are in town to visit, but when Harley Sinn kidnaps Madam Macabre and Mason in an attempt to force Quinn to help Sinn take down the corrupt mayor, will she make it to dinner on time?

Harley to the Rescue
A lot goes on in this book so I’ll hit the broad strokes.  Harley Sinn tries to force Harley Quinn to help her attack the Mayor, but Harley doesn’t like the idea very much. After defeating Harley Sinn and rescuing Madam Macabre and Mason, Harley Quinn finishes getting ready to meet her parents for dinner. She takes Goat Boy as her date.
Cut to the Mayor
Meanwhile, the Chief of Police and the Mayor get into a fist fight in the men’s room over the Mayor’s shady hijinx mirroring some of today’s political culture.

A Quick Cut Scene with Ivy
Also, meanwhile, Red Tool convinces Poison Ivy, who loves and misses Harley, to help him with a mysterious plan that for whatever reason he can’t pull off without Ivy’s help.
Battle of the D-List
Back at the boat, D-List villains Clock King and Sportsmaster attack the fancy dinner boat expecting to quickly rob some rich folks but are in for surprise when Harley Quinn is one of the dinner guests!
Next: Just Desserts!
Sum it up!
A very wordy issue, the story jumps so much from Harley Sinn to the Mayor to Poison Ivy it can be a little overwhelming to read. A lot of the book seemed to consist of Harley Quinn and Goat Boy talking about the diversity of people while riding the subway, which lead to a less action-oriented issue than I had hoped.
Score 7/10

Noah O'Toole | NCR

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