Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Injustice 2 #5

Story: Tom Taylor
Art: Bruno Redondo and Vincente Cifuentes
Hostile Takeover
Previously, in Injustice 2 – The evil Batman and Ra's Al Ghul have teamed up to create a new dystopia.  The good Batman is building a team himself to stand in their way and stop the furthering of the Regime.

The Blue Beetle x2
We get to see the Blue Beetle’s Ted Kord and Jaime Reyes together and it’s pretty awesome! Ted has been training Jaime to better master the scarab.  After training Ted instructs Skeet to follow Jaime as he seemed rattled.  Skeet replies by saying “yes, this is how it happened” and “It’s an honor to serve you, sir. Good-bye Ted Kord.”  This is especially ominous given Skeet is from the future and clearly knows more than we do.
Back from the Future
Booster Gold suddenly appears to let Ted know he’d be there at the end.  Ted now realizes what Skeet meant and why Booster is here.  His time has come.  Booster Gold can’t interfere with the past, but he does tell Ted to put on the suit and make a few of them regret it.  It was bittersweet to see Ted in is Blue Beetle uniform knowing it will be for the last time. 

Friends Until the End
Right on cue Damian, Deadshot, Katana, and the League of Assassins attack and take Ted to Ra’s Al Ghul’s Secret Sanctuary where they broadcast to the world the murders of Ted Kord and many others as well as the destruction of every Kord Industries building in the world.  And sure enough, in Ted’s final moments, Booster Gold appears and tenderly comforts him until he dies.
Score 8/10

Noah O'Toole | NCR

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