Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Injustice 2 # 6

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Mike Miller
Colors: J. Nanjan

Jumping back in time to see the destruction of Krypton, we watch as Kara flees her home. Her pod gets delayed a couple decades, and when she finally finds her way to her cousin, she’s faced with the unexpected.


It’s a Plane

In an interesting twist we focus on the brotherhood between Kara and Supes dads. Together they watched as Kara grew and watched as their home got destroyed. In desperation the house of El sends their children alone into space in hopes of them living on, on Earth. But, as we all know Kara’s pod gets knocked off course and she won’t land on Earth until thirty-five years after Clark does. When she finally arrives she’s greeted by Black Adam and a very different world.

It’s a Bird

Kara is too weak and traumatized to have a conversation with her new friend, so Black Adam leaves her to rest. Now he must go to the border and fend off an army that also saw something fall from the sky. Black Adam’s strength and power easily takes out the army and he heads back to a now awake Kara.

No it’s…

Black Adam tells his corrupted version of the events of the rise and fall of Superman’s regime. Kara’s shocked that so much time has passed and wants to help her cousin immediately, but first she must get a grip on how to control her new powers, and Black Adam knows the perfect person to help her.

Sum it Up

I was a little bored during this issue, in all honesty. Not much happened and the only action was kind of a throw away moment. I did like how the beginning was fleshed out a little differently than usual. Kara’s story is one we all know very well so this is more of a checkpoint issue, than a good story, but I have plenty of faith in Tom Taylor to reel me back in next issue.


Ariel DuPey | NCR

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