Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Justice League #24

Story: Dan Abnett
Art: Ian Churchill


Previously, in the story – Aquaman has been overthrown as the King of Atlantis and has been missing and is presumed dead after the mystical Crown of Thorns enveloped Atlantis preventing anyone from entering the kingdom.  The recent activity in the Atlantic Ocean has drawn the attention of the Justice League.

Mera Unleashed
This book ties into the current Aquaman storyline where Arthur has been overthrown as the King of Atlantis.  The usurpers have unleashed the Crown of Thorns on Atlantis and a massive tidal wave races toward the coast.  The Justice Leaguers are surprised to discover Mera’s aquakenetics are behind the water displacement as she unleashed the entire power of the ocean in her attempt to break the Crown of Thorns and rescue Arthur.

Mera Verses the Justice League
They were even more surprised to discover how powerful Mera is and she dispatches each and every Justice League member alone!  It was glorious!  She immobilizes Superman and Wonder Woman in a water bubble, breaks contact with the Green Lantern rings rendering Baz and Jessica powerless, dehydrates the Flash so he is too weak to run, tosses Cyborg away in a cyclone, and doesn’t let Batman get the drop on her!

Friendships Join Forces
Mera didn’t realize her assault on Atlantis was endangering the surface world and upon talking the Justice League and them offering her their friendship, Mera joins the Justice League as its newest member!

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Sum it up!
Ever since the New 52 teased Mera as being a member of the Justice League back in 2011 I’ve been patiently waiting for her to join the team and shine.  Over six years later I finally get everything I wanted with Justice League #24!
Score 10/10

Noah O'Toole | NCR

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