Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Justice League # 25

Writer: Bryan Hitch
Artist: Tom Derenick
Inks: Andy Owens, Scott Hanna, and Trevor Scott
Colors: Hi-Fi

Repercussions from past actions come back to haunt the Justice League. While they fight Batman has his own battle to face.



Years ago a giant glowing beast enslaved the people of a planet and turned them into his army. The Green Lantern’s came and laid waste to everything and everyone insight, despite the fact the army were just unlucky citizens. In the end the Lanterns won and Shirak met his end. In a last ditch effort to live on Shirak pulled a Voldemort, and cast his essence out into space. The lanterns got most of the holcrux…oh sorry I meant stones, and headed home. Unknowing to them one fell to Earth. This bedtime story is told by the red head who attempted to follow in Timeless’s footsteps and get rid of all the heroes, to prevent something horrible from coming.


Simon and Cyborg are going old fashion and taking a trip to a family museum. Suddenly a man begins to go crazy and Vic tries to talk him down, while at the same time trying to get the girl the man took hostage to safety. Bang! With a whimper the man shoots himself in the head! It’s then that Simon’s ring picks up the whereabouts of a restricted object on the premises. To the heroes’ horror Shirak begins to regenerate and everyone around is in danger of becoming his Wraith army.

God and the Devil

While the red head rambles on about life and death and God and the Devil, the rest of the Justice League have come to help cyborg and Simon fight off this new giant threat. In a moment of clarity Simon shines his light and in his will is able to free the soldiers from Shirak’s rule and capture Shirak from his own rage. This is a win for the League, but as Batman keeps hearing, something much worse is coming.

Sum it Up

Despite the usual Hitch plot holes and annoying big flashy bad guy, this book had some decent qualities. I’m happy to see some rounding of the previous Timeless story, and the red head ramblings were interesting enough to keep my engaged in hers and Batman’s conversation. It’s hard to get into the conspiracy theories of this book anymore since Geoff told us when and where the Watchmen plot is going to show up. Overall a decent book, but it’s hard to get past all the characteristics of a Hitch book that drive us all crazy.


Ariel DuPey | NCR

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