Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Justice League of America # 11

Writer: Steve Orlando
Artists: Neil Edwards
Inks: Sandu Florea
Colors: Hi-Fi

The struggle between right on wrong lays heavily on Ray’s mind as the JLA decides how to handle to faux reality. Not only that but Ray’s dark past comes into the light, in front of all his friends to witness.



Frost and Ray continue their search for a cure for frost’s frostiness. But even a meta isn’t able to help her. Meanwhile, the rest of the team is trying to hold their own against Kingbutcher. Again, the team doesn’t stop to consider that maybe uncontrollable wish granting might be a bad thing…


Using Vixen’s totem, she is able to get a sense of Kingbutcher, and realizes its only his crown that connects to the life web. With a swoosh, Ray swoops in and steals the crown away. Sending our realistic friend back to, well we don’t know. Ray’s mom is next on the list for confrontations…



Batman goes to the prison to have a talk with Havok. Havok talked about the Might Behind the Mirror in his coronation speech, Batman assumes that’s where his armor came from. But he feels like there’s something else there. In an unknown place we see Kingbutcher being ostracized for his failure, and the “elders” see something very dangerous coming. Elsewhere, a very tired Atom finds a long lost signal, from Palmer…!


Sum it Up

I’ve actually really enjoyed the Kingbutcher story, I do hope Orlando fleshes it out completely in the long run. I still have a hard time connecting to each of the main characters, I would like to see them more developed and possibly more likeable. Either way I would say this run is definitely an improvement.


Ariel DuPey | NCR 

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