Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Nightwing # 25

Writer: Tim Seeley
Artists: Minkyu Jung
Colors: Chris Sotomayor

A struggle for power turns Bludhaven into a war zone. Both Blockbuster and Tiger Shark are fighting to rule the heart of Bludhaven, and both are willing to do anything to get it. Will Nightwing be able to stop Bludhaven’s capture?


Tick, Tock

We are thrown back to when Nightwing first discovers the bomb. Just as luck would have it, at that very moment Clock King enters with a time freezing vest. What a lucky comic coincidence; insert eye roll. Then somehow Nightwing rudely punches Clock King and uses the vest to get everyone off the ship.

Don’t Piss Off a Shark

Tiger Shark is obviously very upset that he’s been bamboozled. He goes to confront Roland, who just smirks. Shark’s anger explodes and with a push of a button he turns two goons into…well tiger sharks. Roland has the power of Blockbuster behind him, and easily fights back.

A Gentleman’s conversation

Nightwing, knowing that’s he’s pretty useless at this moment in a fight, decides to confront Roland the old fashion way, over a drink. Nightwing in a more mannered way pretty much calls Roland a sissy, well Roland doesn’t take that so well and Blockbusters out, and then leaves. He’s gotta control that temper. Back at home Dick rightfully gets dumped by Shawn, no seriously, he really did deserve that. Even with a broken heart, Nightwing knows he needs to protect this city.


I’d say Roland won, because we find out that he has Tiger Shark in a tank, and now he’s in control. Worse yet, something has happened to Giz!

Sum it Up

I don’t know if I’ve ever been so stale face while reading a comic. Nothing worked for me in the issue. I thought the escape from doom plot was silly, the main fight was too short, and I still don’t care about Bludhaven. Nightwing’s character in the last couple of book have felt insincere and unlike him for me. I’ve really liked Seely’s previous runs, but ever since Dick went to Bludhaven, it’s all gone down hill for me. You know it’s bad when your checking the page number every couple seconds to see if your close to done yet….


Ariel DuPey | NCR

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