Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Suicide Squad # 21

Story: Rob Williams
Art: Gus Vazque

The Entrance Fee

Previously, in Suicide Squad – Rick Flag is dead and Harley Quinn has been chosen as the new team leader of the Suicide Squad. Her first mission? Take out Direktor Karla of the Russian Annihilation Brigade!


Amanda Waller, the Grandmother

The book opens on Amanda Waller receiving some interesting news from her Detroit surveillance team. It appears her daughter, Coretta, visited the hospital and she’s pregnant with a girl - Amanda Waller will have a granddaughter. A granddaughter who will probably grow up to hate her.

The Mission at Hand

Harley Quinn’s first day as Squad leader starts to fall apart quickly. For starters, the peanut talking Cosmonut refuses to betray Direktor Karla, so Harley Quinn orders him killed. He’s elusive for a dude with a giant hammer for a face, but Harley herself drop kicks him in his clawfoot head and smashes him with her mallet! And then she smashes him with her mallet again! And again! And again! And … ohmygod stop hitting him Quinn! He’s dead for goodness sake!

Official Star Wars Reference: It’s a Trap!

Direktor Karla knew the Suicide Squad was going after him, so he set a trap. It’s the mother of all bombs and it looks like the entire squad is about to go ka-boom! Extra unfortunately, the Enchantress is completely unconscious after Cosmonut knocked her out with a head-butt just moments before Harley Quinn murdered him. When Killer Croc refuses to try and wake the Enchantress Harley orders Dead shot to shoot Killer Croc in the head, which he gladly does. After all, thinks Harley as she watches the timer tick down, we’re all going to die anyway.

Amanda Waller Saves the World?

The book ends on a double cliffhanger. Not only does the Suicide Squad have 4 seconds to live, but Amanda Waller has been kidnapped by Direktor Karla. But in a surprising twist Direktor Karla informs Amanda Waller that together they are going to save the world!

Next: A Ballad for Boomerang

Sum it up!

Suicide Squad is moving full steam ahead and I’m enjoying the ride! With Harley Quinn leading the team now anything can happen and this issue is full of the crazy things that do! The recent roster shake-up has added the much-needed fun and unpredictability back to the Suicide Squad.

Score 8/10

Noah O'Toole | NCR

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