Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Suicide Squad # 21

Story: Rob Williams
Art: Agustin Padilla

Kill Your Darlings – Part 2: I Escaped

Previously, in Suicide Squad – Harley Quinn is the new leader of the Suicide Squad and her first mission is to take out Director Karla of the Russian Annihilation Brigade. As expected, things went downhill fast as the Annihilation Brigade knew the Squad was coming and set up an ambush of their own!


The Escape of the Wall

The book opens on Amanda Waller again. The last we saw Amanda; she was being held captive by Director Karla. He insists to Amanda that they are cut from the same cloth and together they would be a powerhouse able to take down all the meta-humans that threaten human life on Earth. His answer: Superhuman hit squads to put all meta-humans behind bars.

The Mission at Hand

Meanwhile, with only four seconds left on the bomb, the Suicide Squad seems as good as dead. When Killer Croc wouldn’t try to wake the unconscious Enchantress, Harley orders Deadshot to put a bullet in Croc’s head. Deadshot gladly obliges, and when the bullet strikes Croc the Enchantress hears his screams even in her unconsciousness, wakes up, and stops time.

Revenge of the Witch

Psychotic Harley’s plan all along was to use the trauma of Croc being shot to wake the Enchantress. Harley also knew Enchantress would want revenge on whoever shot Croc and right on cue the Enchantress begins to painfully torture Deadshot while Harley and Katana attempt to defuse the bomb and download the rest of the intel. As the intel downloads, Harley makes a disturbing discovery – there is a spy in the Suicide Squad! Oh, and just so you know Croc is fine. Thick skin and all…


The book ends on another double cliffhanger. First, Captain Boomerang is the spy! The Squad catches up to him and Harley Quinn almost smashes him with her mallet while Katana threatens to slice off his hands. Digger begs for his life and for some reason Harley doesn’t kill him. Instead the Enchantress teleports the crew out of there, leaving Boomerang alone to freeze in the freezing Siberia. Amanda Waller suddenly radios in with a new mission for the Suicide Squad – apprehend the Batman and Killer Frost!!

Next: The One Who Got Away

Sum it up!

Another fun issue! The backstabbing and double crossing across teammates is what sets the Suicide Squad apart from other team books. I love seeing the murderous, unhinged side of Harley Quinn because we often forget she’s crazy and dangerous bad guy. You never know what to expect with this book which is what a good Suicide Squad story should be!

Score 8/10

Noah O'Toole | NCR

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