Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Supergirl # 11

Writer: Steve Orlando
Artists: Brian Ching
Colors: Michael Atiyeh

Supergirl is trying to tame the magnificent beast that has unleashed its power on the Phantom Zone. Meanwhile Batgirl is standing on her own against the Phantom King himself, will the girls be able to get Ben and themselves out of this Super-Hell.


Lean On Me

Supergirl is trying to convince Gayle that she is there to help her, but Gayle has been scorned one too many times. Cadmus used her to control the Phantom Zone, and Xa-Du tried to harness her power to escape the zone. So yeah, it’s pretty understandable that she’s skeptical of Kara. Meanwhile, a very angry Xa-Du confronts Batgirl and Ben. Even with only having partially gained some of Kara’s abilities, he’s still a major threat to a normie. Unfortunately for him, and lucky for us Barbara Gordon is no normie.

Paper Beats Rock

Batgirl is able to coax Xa-Du into telling his true feelings. All he cares about is himself, and his attempt to escape, his peers are worthless and only there to help him for the time being. What he didn’t know that his ‘sheep’ were right there listening. Angered at the betrayal, the crew turns on their captain. Just as that happens Kara is able to release Gayle from her anger. Gayle then swiftly sends Xa-Du adrift.

Back to Reality

Kara and Bab’s take a breath from all they’ve been through and wonder what will happen in the Phantom Zone now. They also remind each other that they’ll always be there for one another. Kara heads to Miss Grant’s office, there she finds something awful waiting for her…her death?

Sum It Up

A wonderful conclusion to a fun, heartfelt, team up. Orlando does both these characters’ justice and uses their wit and caring nature to help them in a tight spot. Ching does marvelously in shifting the tone in each panel to fit the setting. Orlando has more surprises and an even more dire plot in wait for us. Here’s hoping to more team up between these women in the future!


Ariel DuPey | NCR

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