Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Titans # 13

Writer: Dan Abnett
Artists: Norm Rapmund

The Titans attack H.I.V.E in attempt to get their friend’s memory back. But the team is uneasy while Omen tries to find the traitor among them. Not only is a traitor there, will a budding romance end a long friendship…and the team itself?


Down Memory Lane

The Titans have infiltrated H.I.V.E headquarters and have cornered Endgame, demanding to know where Karen’s memories are. Unfortunately, Engram has a hive-mind backing him up. The crew tries to take him down, but he is proving himself a powerful foe. Donna worries about Wally over exerting his powers, but Roy (a lover scorned) doesn’t show much concern. Wow, so much for bros before…anyways, Endgame has Lilith and Garth backed into a corner, when Wally notices, all time stops.


Time flutters back into motion and only Lilith can tell that something odd just occurred, but Wally doesn’t want to tell them what just happened. When the fight gets serious again, Wally’s beating heart brings time to a stand still once more. He uses the opportunity to take down Endgame for certain this time. After a win, the team heads to the computers to learn more about H.I.V.E.

Truth Unfolds

Bad news: Karen’s memories are gone. They were swiped right before the Titans got there. Worse news: one of the Titans is a traitor, which Omen already suspected. Someone tipped off the H.I.V.E, that they were coming, and now the Titan’s are turning on each other. Karen begins to defend herself against accusations, but before she can finish, Nightwing makes a bold statement…Lilith has been turned.

Sum It Up

Wow, what a great issue! Everyone loves a little drama and this book has plenty of it. I love how Abnett is able to bring these super beings down to a normal playing field. Over and over again, I’m reminded that they are just people; something you can easily forget with the Justice League members. It’s great that he can take carbon copies of their predecessors and make them so different. The art was beautiful, the story flowed smoothly, and the ending left you wanting more. A+ to the creative team on this one.


Ariel DuPey | NCR

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