Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Trinity # 11

Story: Francis Manapul
Art: Francis Manapul, Scott Hanna, and Scott Godlewski

Dead Space: Conclusion

Previously, in Trinity: The Watchtower has been infected by an alien virus. An alien android claims the only way to save Earth is to destroy the Watchtower and the Justice League members along with it. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman refuse and are determined to find another way.


The Wonder

When the alien virus takes over Wonder Woman, her lasso of truth shows her the nature of the virus and the android claiming to want to help. She discovers that the alien virus lived a peaceful and harmonious life on their planet, dancing in an endless cycle of life and death, constant rebirth. Life on the android’s planet had come to a stand-still. They amassed all the knowledge they could and subjugated the so-called alien “virus” to help his species continue their quest for the wisdom of the universe.

The Bat & The Boyscout

Batman grabs the unconscious and dismembered Cyborg and wisely evacuates the Watchtower in an escape pod. Meanwhile, Superman is single-handedly trying to stop the Watchtower from wiping out a section of Earth as it begins to plummet out of orbit. On the plus side, the heat of re-entry has freed the Green Lanterns Simon and Jessica from the virus’s influence, but on the negative side, they are unconscious and unable to help stop the giant structure from causing mass casualties on Earth.

The Hail Mary

Just as Superman begins to wonder if all is lost, the ultimate wonder herself, Wonder Woman, joins the effort to stop the Watchtower and Batman is not far behind in the escape pod. They spot a Lexcorp building, all of which were built to withstand, well, Superman. Wonder Woman and Superman’s strength combined was enough to stop the tower before it destroyed Mumbai. The rest of the League regains consciousness and help stabilize the Watchtower, saving the day.

Next: Constantine, Zatanna, and Deadman, Oh My!

Sum it up!

The final issue of the Dead Space arc ended better than it began, but in the end it was still just another story about the Justice League fighting aliens. However, I am looking forward to the Trinity of Magic story arc next month, which seems like a much more original take on the Trinity than what we have been seeing recently.

Score 7/10

Noah O'Toole | NCR

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