Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wonder Woman # 27

Story: Sheaf Fontana
Art: Mirka Andolfo

Heart of the Amazon: Part Two

Previously, in Wonder Woman – After a tough day saving the world, Diana attends the wedding of a friend of Etta Candy. All seems well until Diana discovers a hidden bomb set to detonate in only a few seconds!


This Time, Baby, I’ll be Bulletproof

With only a second left on the timer, Diana leaps on top of the bomb and shielding most of the blast. While it was certainly cool, it begs one to wonder (pun intended) how Wonder Woman can withstand the blast of an explosion yet still be vulnerable to bullets.

I’m Bulletproof, Nothing to Lose

Wonder Woman was able to evacuate the wedding guests, but one guest in particular is missing … where is Etta Candy? Etta has been severely wounded as the structure around them begins to collapse after the blast. Wonder Woman rushes Etta to the nearby Mega Ultatech building where their friend, Dr. Crawford, is working. As she turns Etta over to Dr. Crawford, Diana realizes there is no motive to bomb the wedding unless it was to get to Wonder Woman. Vowing to find who did this, Wonder Woman turns to leave, but is stopped when Dr. Crawford slaps her on the arm with a glove lined with needles and filled with a strong sedative. This again makes me wonder (pun intended again) how Wonder Woman can withstand the shrapnel of an explosion yet not be bulletproof.

Ricochet, You Take Your Aim, Fire Away

It turns out Dr. Crawford is sick. Very sick. Something called Royer-Mays Syndrome and is only carried on the X chromosome. Dr. Crawford has secretly been studying Wonder Woman and has discovered a way to splice Amazon DNA with her own. When Diana awakens, she discovers Dr. Crawford has gone “Hulk” (sorry for the cross-company reference) as a result of Diana’s DNA and is a huge, strong, muscled powerhouse who Diana struggles to fight. Luckily, the Lasso of Truth knows Dr. Crawford’s new Amazonian DNA is essentially a lie, and when Dr. Crawford is bound with it, it strips the unnatural DNA from her body, leaving Dr. Crawford weak and defeated. But before Diana can take her into custody, she injects herself with a poison and dies in Diana’s arms.

Next: The Hunt Begins!

Sum it up!

If you read Diana’s words with Gal Gadot’s voice in your head it makes the book a little bit better. Still, not quite enough for me to make it a hit. The art is too anime and cartoon-like, and the story seems geared towards the “DC Superhero Girls” audience and not the adult comic book reader.

Score 6/10

Noah O'Toole | NCR

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