Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Action Comics # 985

Writer: Rob Williams
Artists: Guillem March
Colors: Hi-Fi

Back from vacation Superman heads out into the world to save as many peoples' days as he can. When faced with a threat, he’s going to have to team up with a friend-enemy to save the world, but will this cost him more that it’s worth.


Vacation Blues

With the family trip over, Superman has to return to, well, Supermaning. In the distance he hears a cry for help as some citizens are being attacked by men and wolves. Superman discovers that they are being controlled by The Machinist, and this culprit is a hard one to find. Superman’s attention is directed to the t.v, there he sees that the whole world is under similar attacks! Not only that, but he finally recognizes where the controlling device is from…Lex Luthor.


Since Rebirth I have been aggressively promising all my friends that Luthor will eventually show his true evil colors once again, and every couple weeks DC writers like to tease me that the time has finally come, and yet again it doesn’t. Superman climbs into Luther’s window, all teenage dramatic like, and demands to know if Lex has turned. Again, Lex declares that his technology was stolen…because he’s still a good guy. So the façade continues.

Fly Like an Eagle

Superman and Lex must team up to discover the whereabouts of The Machinist, and put an end to the madness. When they arrive, they are immediately shot out of the sky and come face to face with The Machinist himself. While trying to hold off his forces, Lex is infected with the love bug, and is ordered to kill Superman. It’s a free ride to evil.

Sum it Up

This was a fun and fast paced story; something about it felt very golden age to me though. Maybe it was the simplicity of the plot. This isn’t to say it was bad, it’s just a dramatic contrast to the story that just unfolded previously. I’m excited to see more of Lex, so maybe next issue I’ll be able to get more on board with it.


Ariel DuPey | NCR

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