Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Aquaman # 27

Writer: Dan Abnett
Artists: Stjepan Sejic

Arthur has sunken to the depths of Atlantis, and is confronted by two of the deep sea beings. Hidden from the deluge, Arthur must find away to freedom.


Krush and Kadaver

Arthur awakens in a swirl of magic containing him. Krush demands for his to reveal the truth, that this scruffy nerf-hearder is actually the former king of Atlantis. Dolphin is of no help, as she is also trapped, and unfortunately she’s not alone in her enclosure. Meanwhile, Vulko is getting help from a former Widowhood sister on his mission to bring down Rath.

The Queen

Mera heads to the Titan tower to ask Garth for his help. Only his education and power in Atlantean magic can free Atlantis from its thorny crown, and allow Mera to enter and retain Arthur. Down back in the deep Krush reveals why he wants Arthur to admit his identify, he wants to use him as leverage to keep against Rath. But Arthur uses his telekinesis to influence the beast that was trapped in with Dolphin, to crush through the barriers, setting them free. But they better hurry; because Kadaver is on the chase.

Breaking News

We also learn the true intentions of the Motherhood: she plans to ignite a civil war. Once all the men and their pride are dead, she will place a new monarch…Mera.

Sum it Up

Another excellent issue of Aquaman…I can’t get enough of this book. Besides being a superhero, it’s just a plain good book. Every one has a different agenda, and yet the stories are dancing and weaving with one another flawlessly. The art is a spectacle of beauty and talent. Just a wonderful book all around.


Ariel DuPey | NCR

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