Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Batman Beyond # 11

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Art: Bernard Chang

In the freezing tundra, Bruce has to stop his son and his adoptive son from killing each other, but will he be to late to save the rest of the world? 


Son Vs Son

Bruce watches in horror as Damian’s blind rage takes on Terry’s unstable killing suit. Terry has killed Goliath, which means all cards are on the table for Damien now. Bruce finally sees something he can actually do: he sees that the ICBM missiles are ready to launch, so he’s going to try stop them. Good for you, old man.

Family Ties

Unfortunately for Bruce, he’s interrupted by Koru, who wants revenge for his father’s death. I guess Damian still has some left over feelings for his dad, because he stops Koru from killing him. Leaving a weak spot open for Terry to sweep in for the kill. Bruce screams at Terry to leave his son alone, and in that final cry, Terry is able to break free from the killer suit. A grumble in the background is heard and we see that Goliath is very much still alive, maybe softening the kids heart? It doesn’t really matter, because Koru has awoken from his smack down and has pushed the detonator to send missiles to destroy the earth. No not missiles, a toxin that will kill anyone whose body isn’t strong enough to take it.


With no other choice, Terry throws the mask back on and heads out to handle to missiles. But his suit is weakened and he begins the descend to his death. Surprising us all Damien sweeps in and saves him. Not only that but the two kids back at the cave blew up the missiles, and everything ends in a happy comicy way.

Sum It Up

This arc was fun, the ending kind of killed it for me though, but again the ride was good. I love the sharp colors and edges of the art, bringing that futuristic feel. I’m wondering where this book is going to go now that Bruce is alive, either way I’d say I’m a fan.


Ariel DuPey | NCR

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