Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Cyborg # 15

Story: John Semper Jr.
Art: Cliff Richards and Will Conrad

Singularity Aftermath: Quest

Previously, in Cyborg – Cyborg has been brought into an alternate reality by Anomaly where humanity is being eliminated, and machines called Mecha-Humans have become the dominant population.


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Cyborg works with Silas and Elinore Stone, his parents in this reality, to try and find a cure for the virus that is turning humans into mechas. The cure must first be administered to Cyborg. The antibodies created by Cyborg’s unique blood will can form the basis of a serum capable of reversing the disease in other humans. Silas Stone left the serum hidden in the laboratory before he was killed my mechas. Elinore reveals her son, the Cyborg of this reality, was killed in battle.

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In this reality, Beast Boy, aka Garfield Logan, is known as Captain Logan, and his because his DNA can change from human to animal he has not been affected by the virus. However, if he stays human too long the virus will eventually take over. Cyborg, Captain Logan, Variant, and Exxy rendezvous with Sergeant Saulsberry to make their way to the lab to retrieve the serum when suddenly the mechas attack! Cyborg is hit and wakes in the Twilight Zone of his mind where the saxophone playing man named Blue gives him some cryptic advice before playing his sax, snapping Cyborg out of his trance. When he wakes, Cyborg finds himself with Captain Logan and Exxy. They managed to escape, but Variant was captured. The mission now has a second purpose: rescue Variant.

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Cyborg experiences another “glitch”, only this time he thinks back to Blue’s cryptic message and uses the glitch to expose a weak point in the tunnel wall and they are able to finally break into the lab. There’s no time to search for the serum or for Variant, however, as the Metal Men appear! They have been programmed to protect the serum and to only turn it over to the Cyborg of that world. A furious battle ensues and it seems the Metal Men have the upper hand when suddenly the Metal Men stop moving. Exxy heard them say they were “programmed” so he used his computer programmer skills to hack the Metal Men and shut them down!

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Exxy opens the box containing the serum, except that it was a trap! A needle on a mechanical arm shoots out of the box and injects Exxy with the virus. As Exxy collapses, a hologram of that world’s Cyborg appears! He has the antidote, and if our Cyborg wants it he will have to fight that Cyborg because the Cyborg of this reality wants to rule the world…

Next: Metal vs. Mettle!

Sum it up!

The alternate reality Cyborg finds himself in combined with the introduction of the Metal Men makes this a rather fun issue. Plus, any time you can add Beast Boy, even an alternate reality version, to a Cyborg story you’re guaranteed to have a few laughs.

Score 6/10

Noah O'Toole | NCR

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