Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Green Arrow # 28

Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Juan Ferreyra

Oliver is headed to Metropolis to confront the top man of the 1% about his involvement with the Ninth Circle. But could he have been wrong? He might need some super help to find his way to the real culprit.


Confidence is Key

Ollie foregoes the appointment and heads to the man himself, Lex Luthor. Not shy, he immediately questions Lex’s integrity. Lex is strongly holding onto the whole “I’m a good guy now,” stance, and claims he was approached by the Ninth Circle, but turned them down. Quick insert of Clark…being well Super Clark. Back to the main action, the egotistical Lex shows off his Sherlock skills and throws truthful assumptions at the Green Arrow.  

When Life Gives You Lemons…?

Hysteria seems to be sweeping through, as citizen after citizen begin hurling themselves off buildings. Does anyone not work on the top floor? It seems as some awful truths about themselves are causing these people to want to end their own lives. But Superman sweeps in and saves them all from themselves, but what is causing this mayhem?

What’s Stolen, must be Returned

Oliver explains everything about Cyrus Broderick, and Lex only smiles at the challenge coming their way. But his smile might fade when he sees that it’s not him, but his business that the Ninth Circle is going after. All those people who are so ashamed of their actions they decide to end their lives, they are all Lex Corp employees, brining shame to the Company, therefore affecting profits. That’s going to get a fire in Lex’s panties going.

Saving the City

Oliver joins up with Superman to help the apparently crappy people of Metropolis from killing themselves. While Lex heads to his computer to stop the cyber attack that is causing all their personal lives to be aired out in public. I guess those people just needed a little love, and they felt fine once again…to say thank you Lex gives Ollie some information. Oliver is headed to Gotham to find the top of the Ninth Circle.

Sum it Up

As fun as it is to see Oliver team up with the League one-by-one, this story got a little too unbelievable for me. I know that I’m reading a comic, but there can still be some base lines. I mean that was a lot of people with deep dark secrets…and how the situation was handled felt reaching. Luckily, Percy has such an act and undeniable talent for how he weaves his story, that even some silliness still makes for a good book. Overall the story kept me captivated, and I’m very invested in the mission Ollie is facing. His next stop should be a hell of a ride…


Ariel DuPey | NCR

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