Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Injustice 2 # 7

Writer: Tom Taylor
Pencils: Bruno Redondo
Inks: Juan Albarran
Colors: Rex Lokus

Heroes across the land come together to honor another fallen friend. While Blue Beetle and Canary have some of their own personal issues to air out, the rest of the heroes are taking a moment to breath. But that moment is soon interrupted by non-other than the Suicide Squad.


 Another Dead Friend

Mourning for Ted Kord, an angry Jaime confronts Batman. But Bruce quickly puts the kid in his place and hints at a promise of revenge. Following, is a very inappropriate gesture of love, as Ollie proposes to Canary at the funeral, but hey life is short. We get a very confusing, but sweet moment between Canary and… TED…wait what? Hopefully that explains itself later.

We’re Going to the Chapel

A very adorable Conner, is practicing being a ring bearer outside the cathedral, and uncle Bruce sets him up for a hilarious Lord of the Rings joke. Suddenly, Bruce has to pull a runaway bride, and leaves the ceremony. As if Damian couldn’t get any worse, Bruce catches him grave robbing Alfred’s body!

A Bloody Set Up

Turns out the grave robbing was just a rouse to get Batman away. Now the rest of the Suicide Squad is about to ruin Canary’s wedding day, by well blowing it up. And I thought losing my heel during my wedding was bad…Batman tries to warn Babs, but it’s too late as the Squad is already wedding crashing. Jefferson tries to rush the kids away from the scene, but gets bombarded by Squad members, and the little ones are kidnapped! Wow, even for the Suicide Squad that’s pretty messed up. It also looks like Pennyworth will be reborn…

Sum it Up

I know a book is good when I curse a lot while reading it, and this book made me curse out loud at least three times. I knew I could depend on Taylor to make up for a slow week. Wow what a read, I was so into it, the pages just flew by. It was unexpected and dramatic and I can barely wait for the next issue. I love when comics get me excited like this. There were some confusing moments, that I’m hoping will be sorted out on the podcast.


Ariel DuPey | NCR

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