Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Justice League # 26

Writer: Bryan Hitch
Pencils: Fernando Pasarin
Inks: Oclair Albert
Colors: Brad Anderson

Another time traveling mishap cause the Justice League to once again be involved with stopping the destruction of a planet.


 Some People…

A cool looking group of outsiders grace the pages, and in the next shot we can assume that they are another Earth’s Justice League. Correction: another time's League, for we see Olympus, New York, twenty years from now. There’s a lot of post-apocalyptic vibes going on for just twenty years passing. As the group sneaks through the city they come face to face with a beast of a man, names Curry. He’s the Atlantean girl’s father, whose been twisted into something evil. The team attacks only to fail. Matters only get worse as they realize he has the Black Lantern ring.

Just want to Watch…

The team makes a get away and heads up the mountain, where Vincent’s message came from. A burst of fire enters the room, and in the middle is the deadly Sovereign. As some of the team fend off Sovereign, the rest get the stones to sing. When they do, it sends the team to our today. In our time, today’s Justice League are looking upon a destruction of incredible magnitude, and they wonder how the world can be so cruel.

The World Burn.

Our League continues to question it all, and their roles in saving the world…even if that means saving it from itself. When suddenly a light appears from the sky, and the other League drops down. Who are they? They’re the Justice League’s children! So is that Jon??

Sum it Up

So I went into this pretty begrudgingly, but I was pleasantly surprise. Even though a portion of it is very Hitchy, and has been played out a couple thousands times, the story itself was pretty good. I like seeing that some of the previous stories are finding a place, and it’s not 100% confusing. Even though I actually liked this story, Hitch still left me with a million questions. But hopefully this straightforward story-telling will stick around...


Ariel DuPey | NCR

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