Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Justice League # 27

Story: Brian Hitch
Art: Fernando Pasdaran

Legacy: Part 2

Previously, in Justice League – A group of heroes from a post-apocalyptic future escape into the past to stop their world from coming to be. But to do it they’re going to need the help of the Justice League—who just happen to be these time travelers’ parents! 


Children Behave

Most of this issue consists of the Children of the Justice League crying like babies while trying to convince their Justice League moms and dads that story is legit and they really are their children from the future. Wonder Woman confirms they’re telling the truth, but a lot of things still seem off about them.

That’s What They Say

The Children of the Justice League explain that they were all sent to live on Olympus because the gods had either abandoned it or were dead after a war broke out the likes of which have never been seen. The Children of the League claim their parents, the Justice League, never came to get them, and after they grew the Children set out to find their super powered parents only they were gone. A villain named Sovereign took over and Earth might as well now be Apokolips. So, they traveled back in time by using the last of the Forever Stones to find them.

When We’re Together

Batman is researching the Kindred, who were one of the Justice League’s first threats when Rebirth launched. Brian Hitch must still be trying to make a connection to all these generic alien attacks the League has been facing lately for some reason but we don’t find out why yet. The Bat-computer’s signal is being jammed. But before Batman can figure out why he gets beaten to bloody pulp right in front of our eyes. The assailant? Aqua man! And it’s not the Aquaman that’s currently trapped beneath Atlantis – instead it’s the Aquaman that belongs in the same timeline as the Children of the Justice League! He’s old, grey, scarred, and is missing an arm! Batman has something he needs…

Next: The Secret of Hunter Prince

Sum it up!

As an avid comic reader, I can easily suspend belief to enjoy a super-powered story. Still, I cannot accept that in the future the Justice League members only marry and have children with each other. Unfortunately, even that notwithstanding, this has been more of an interesting story than anything previously told in Justice League. I’m just glad they’re not fighting aliens again.

Score 6/10

Noah O'Toole | NCR

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