Wednesday, August 9, 2017

New Super-Man # 14

Writer: Gene Luen Yang
Pencils: Billy Tan
Inks: Karo
Colors: Hi-FI

The Justice League of China are trying to hold their own against the villains that are attacking the entire city of Shanghai. Will a casualty of war, shake Kenan more that the boy of steel can handle?


Love and Hate

Emperor Superman has sent his villains to seize the city of Shanghai, effectively putting in place a force field, isolating the city from everyone else. Little does he know Amanda Waller already has her task force on the inside. Meanwhile, China-Flash is helping Wonder Woman become rooted in her love for the her life, helping her transform from snake to woman once again, well…for the most part at least.

Tower of Terror

Ming Ming finally gets through to the team and lets them know that the Emperor has turned the Shanghai tower into a prison, so the League makes that priority # 1. While I-Ching battles his evil self? Flash and Kenan head to the top of the tower and makes their way in clumsily. Fat Bat and Wonder Snake, meet them in the middle, and Fat-Bat is confronted for his weirdness against Wonder Woman. He finally admits his true feelings for her, which helps her transform all the way back to human, and of course this grosses Kenan out.

Father Dearest

Kenan rushes in to save his family, and releases his father from the watery substance. Kenan wants to assure his parents safety to the bottom of the building, but the cries of others forces him to stay inside. He confronts the Emperor with all he has, but the end of the Emperor is not by his hands. Instead…the Suicide Squad steps in.

Sum it Up

It’s obvious that this is by far one of my favorite books coming out of DC. Considering that, I’ll be honest and say that this issue didn’t get me as excited as previous books. It was still fun and full of gorgeous art, and I recommend it to everyone. The ending teases to a fantastic cross over coming our way.


Ariel DuPey | NCR

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